Dear Criminal Justice and Security students,

We are pleased to offer open application for the Eta Theta Chapter. You may apply to the chapter as long as you are an active student in the BSCJA, BSOSM, or MSAJS programs, meet the eligibility criteria, and have not been charged with a violation of the Student Code of Conduct. Once an application is received, each application will be reviewed for all eligibility criteria, including any online and/or local campus Student Code of Conduct violations.

Please review the Application Process below:
  • Download application. We can only accept this version of the application; do not use an application downloaded from the national chapter’s website.
  • Complete all open sections. Use your IRN as your Customer ID.
  • If you need assistance with your Grade Point Average (GPA) or courses completed, please reach out to your Academic Counselor. As well, this GPA Calculator site may be helpful to you:
  • Email application as an attachment to Please do not add questions to that email as those emails will be sent to manage the application only.
  • Membership fee = $200. This must be paid at the time of application. If your application is denied (please review the eligibility requirements carefully), your fee will be refunded.
    • Make ONE payment attempt only. This is an external bank system that Eta Theta uses; we do not own the system. However, we can run a report after 24 hours of submission to identify completed payments or errors. If you get an error and do not get an email receipt within an hour of submission, please email A volunteer will get back to you as soon as possible. If you get an email receipt, even if you got an error, please allow 24 hours for the system to process.
    • If you have someone else make a payment for you (if the name on the card is not the name on the application), please email and advise of the name of the party making payment.
    • Make your payment using this link:
  • The fee covers your national membership fee, your chapter membership fee, your honor cord and lapel pin, and shipping those items, plus your certificate, to your address on the application.
  • Once you have submitted your application and payment, they will be reviewed and sent to the national chapter for processing. Your certificate of membership, membership card, blue and gold braided honor cord, and lapel pin will be sent to you directly from the national chapter to the address on your application. You should receive items within 2-3 weeks. If you have not received items within 4 weeks, please contact Lisa Corprew to troubleshoot the issue.

    • Please use these buttons to order Medallions, Stoles, or both. The costs for these items are not included in the Membership Fee. We will accept the payment on your behalf and pay the national chapter to process the order and send the item(s) to you directly. The national chapter is responsible for this additional merchandise.
      Thank you.