Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have already graduated?

  • If you have walked in a graduation ceremony but are not yet credit complete or are credit complete but are scheduled for a graduation ceremony, then you may be still be able to be accepted as a student member. If you are both credit complete and are not scheduled to walk in an upcoming graduation ceremony, you may seek a Professional Membership in Alpha Phi Sigma. Please visit the national website,, for the Professional Membership Application.

When I’ve graduated, can I still be an active member?

  • Yes, we look forward to the opportunity to work with our graduates to create membership activities for our current students and alumni. Please keep any changes in email address updated with the chapter.

What if I was a member of Alpha Phi Sigma at another school? Can I be in both chapters? Can I switch?

  • If you were a member of another chapter, you may become a member of Eta Theta by transferring that membership. Please contact us regarding the proper form for the transfer. As well, if you want a new certificate completed you will need to send your prior certificate to the national headquarters, along with a $10 fee. Alpha Phi Sigma will send you a University of Phoenix, Eta Theta Chapter certificate in exchange for the one issued at your previous school.

What Eta Theta "gear" can I wear to graduation?

  • At a University of Phoenix commencement ceremony, the only Eta Theta items you may wear are your pin and the blue and gold honor cord. Additional sashes or stoles are prohibited.

What else can I purchase?

  • As only the honor cord and pin may be worn for University of Phoenix commencement, there is no current process available to order additional items to be directly shipped to you.
  • However, Ken Jernigan jeweler offers several Alpha Phi Sigma items for direct order. Please view

Will there be meetings?

  • There will be induction ceremonies at either your local campus or via a video “webinar”. We will announce those events and opportunities via email. There will also be future opportunities for student involvement in the board and in activities. Those will be announced via email as well.

What will happen at graduation?

  • This will be determined by each campus. An email will be sent from the campus requesting upcoming graduation registration by students.

Will my financial aid cover my membership?

  • No, Eta Theta is a voluntary membership and no student is required to join. As well, Eta Theta is a chapter of Alpha Phi Sigma, which is a nonprofit organization separate from the University of Phoenix. We are not an organization created by the University of Phoenix.

Are there by-laws for this Chapter?

  • Yes, please download the by-laws.

Who are the advisors at Eta Theta?

  • Your advisors for Eta Theta are volunteer faculty members and staff in the criminal justice programs. Their involvement in Eta Theta is not a function of their job. They are interested in supporting advancement and excellence in the field of criminal justice.

How do I contact the advisors?

How long does the membership process take?

  • The process for membership generally takes about 2-3 weeks, but may take longer depending on volunteer availability. All applications will be reviewed for full eligibility. Applications are sent to the national chapter. They provide honor cords, pins, and print certificates. The national chapter then sends these items to the student. We appreciate your patience as our volunteers work to review your application and provide the information to the national chapter.

My graduation is coming up soon! Will I have my honor cord?

  • As noted, we require considerable time to process applications and provide information to the national chapter. Please contact Lisa Corprew by email or call 602-387-6277 if you are scheduled for a commencement ceremony and we will do our best to provide honor cords for students to wear at these upcoming commencement ceremony.

Can I order additional Alpha Phi Sigma items, like a stole?

  • Yes, please review the Membership > Student tab (bottom of the page) to find the links for payment for ordering either the Medallion, the Stole, or Both items.

How do I find out more about Alpha Phi Sigma?

I understand that Eta Theta isn’t a department of the university. Who runs the chapter?

  • The volunteer chapter advisors are faculty in the College of Humanities and Sciences and staff at the university. Most of us are alumni of Alpha Phi Sigma and/or are faculty members of Eta Theta. We have enjoyed the benefits of our membership throughout the years and we are pleased to have created that benefit for our students.